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Abeba Holt


Like many teenagers, Abeba Holt loves to spend her spare time scrolling the internet, watching videos online, and reading articles. But Abeba isn’t just watching videos of funny cats - she uses her love for research to educate her peers about environmental topics. “I try and keep it super light,” says Abeba, who says she models her conversations with peers about environmental topics after quick top tip videos - short, fun, and friendly.

“I think a lot of environmental change is about education and most people don’t have the time to sit and read through things. It’s all about helping people understand they can take smallers steps, like recycling.” Abeba said she will even look up recycling centers near her friend's house to help make the process of changing a behavior easy and painless.

In the future, Abeba hopes to find ways to tap into her love for research to pursue a degree that will help her educate the public on everyday ways they can help keep the planet clean. “A lot of people my age think you have to be a big celebrity to make change,” she says, “but it’s not always just the really big million dollar ideas that change the world.”

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