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Kristen Brown


Images by: Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown is like most high school students – she is involved in activities like singing in her church choir, playing music, hanging with her tight circle of friends, and preparing for college. What makes this Campbell High School senior stand out is her passion for the environment, and the journey she has taken so far.

“What inspires me to use clean energy is the generation after mine,” says Kristen, who moved to Hawaii from Atlanta in 2017. “There is something that can be done today so that the kids of tomorrow do not have to suffer in a world that was damaged before they were born.”

In 2019, Kristen was fortunate to participate in the United Nations Youth Climate Summit in New York, which she describes as unforgettable. “There were so many diverse people gathered for the common cause of letting our voices be heard. The most impactful event was listening to Greta Thunberg address the United Nations General Assembly. We are encouraged by her words and her courage and passion.” 
Kristen then went on to inspire more than 200 middle and high school students at Blue Planet’s Student Energy Summit in November 2019, where she gave the keynote speech. She shared her own experience and used balloons to demonstrate the power of teamwork and collaboration in sharing messages about climate change. “I have a blast at the Blue Planet Student Energy Summit,” she shared. “I learned so much, and I meet new people and some old friends. This year’s summit was unique and different, because I got to attend it with my classmates. I got to learn from them and I hope they learned from me as well.”
The future is bright for Kristen and for those who will follow in her footsteps. “I hope to teach others that it is okay to use speak out for things you want. I would like to empower younger people and encourage them to speak for justice.”

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