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Anukriti Hittle


As the State of Hawaii’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Coordinator for the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), Anu Hittle helps identify priority strategies and policy solutions for climate change challenges.

Anu began her career as a teacher of environmental issues in Missouri, and later moved to Hawaii in 2017 to work at DLNR. “I believe there is a common false separation that people make between the government and citizen action,” Anu explained. “We are the people, and the people are the state government. Especially at the state level here in Hawaii, it’s so small. You can touch it.”

Anu’s team is focusing on many strategies at the department level, such as a plan to convert the state’s fleets to electric vehicles. “It’s very gratifying to see and be a part of [government officials] supporting work that needs to be supported,” she added. “It’s putting Hawaii along its path to a clean future.”

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