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Mark Looper


Mark Looper’s love for knowledge is clear the second you begin speaking with him. He stands in his garage wearing a button-down shirt embellished with planets, leaning next to his 1930’s poster of the periodic table and proudly displaying his Nissan Leaf. Mark studies space science and has been working on projects with NASA for 26 years. When he isn’t looking to the stars, he is working on a blog that shares his experiences with electric vehicles (EVs).

Mark became involved in his EV journey when he lived in Los Angeles and noticed the heavy smog in the air becoming worse. When his nieces and nephews were born, he thought to himself, “they shouldn’t be growing up breathing this.” This inspired Mark to switch to electric vehicles and led to him purchasing a Nissan Leaf on Earth Day in 2017.

Mark states, “I’ve been interested in this stuff for at least 30 years now. I’ve been active in it for 25, and we just got our electric vehicle two years ago.” As a smart shopper, Mark did his research to ensure his vehicle could provide for his family.
He runs a blog that provides detailed information for both potential EV buyers and current owners. He writes about topics ranging from basic information on different models of EV’s including their prices and ranges, to in-depth posts, such as the chemistry of alternative fuels. The goal behind his website is to, “hopefully teach and inspire buyers. I hope they take away that it’s not hard to own an electric vehicle. It’s actually quite fun,” Mark enthusiastically states. He continually updates his blog with more helpful tips, and says, “I’ll stop when alternative fuels are no longer alternative.” 

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