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Socrates D. Bratakos


Images by: Socrates D. Bratakos

As a long time resident of Kaaawa, Oahu, Socrates D. Bratakos and his family have been “inspired by Hawaiian values and modern sustainability practices” in the recent remodel of their home. Their home was originally built in the 1980’s, so they recently modernized their home according to current building codes with insulation and energy efficient appliances. Through the update of their home, they were able to switch to LED lighting as well as Energy Star products to lessen their energy usage. As the Bratakos family also refrains from using air conditioning, they opt for open windows and ceiling fans to stay cool, even on the hottest of days.  

While those actions reduced electrical usage, they continued their journey to clean energy through the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the house. Not only did this reduce their energy usage significantly, their electricity bills also decreased when they switched to solar energy. Through these sustainability practices, Socrates hopes “to have a lighter footprint upon the earth and to live in greater harmony with the environment.”

As a civil servant who has worked for the Honolulu Fire Department for 32 years and currently serves as an Assistant Fire Chief, Socrates has a community-minded approach to achieving an educated and safe public through environmental action. While continuing to advocate for clean energy codes, standards, and education, Socrates aims to improve his conservation efforts by managing the use of lighting, outlets, and appliances. In the future, he hopes to buy an electric car to further his family’s effort to adapt an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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