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Scott Cooney


For Scott Cooney, it was as simple as “seeing a need” which led him to create Pono Home, a home energy efficiency company. “There are many people who have the energy conservation mindset, yet do not know how to contribute,” Cooney explains. He created his company in April of 2014 with a goal to save customers money on utility bills, and reduce their carbon footprints. 
Pono Home offers customized, in-home services to save money on water and electricity bills while simultaneously protecting our planet. The team comes to your home or business and provides a free green audit, assessing issues that cause you to spend too much on your utilities. Pono Home identifies “energy hog” appliances, faulty electronics, inefficient lighting, poor building envelope, leaks and more. They then offer customers energy efficient options, along with a proposal that includes calculations showing how fast the customer will earn back their money, and how much carbon pollution they will be keeping out of our air. They use easy-to-understand approaches, like showing customers the equivalent in terms of the number of trees that would need to be planted, or the number of cars taken off the road.

Pono Home has served 9,000 homes to date, saving an impressive amount of electricity, water and greenhouse gas emissions. Cooney proudly displays his spreadsheet. “For the homes we completed, we are looking at an estimated saving of 8.7 million pounds of greenhouse gases per year, 5 million kilowatt hours per year, 930 million gallons of water and 2.2 million dollars in utility bills saving for our customers.” He leans back in reflection. ”It’s just really hard to believe.” One by one, these small improvements are creating a significant impact on our collective carbon footprint.

When asked about the motivation behind creating Pono Home, Cooney has a simple response. “It’s just the kind of guy that I am,” he says. “A conservationist, a biker, an entrepreneur [that has] always had a reduce-waste mindset.” He first noticed this opportunity when he found himself pointing out to friends and family simple ways to cut their bills. “Even my green minded friends were not aware of energy hogs,” he says. “It’s not a lack of desire, it’s a lack of knowledge.” Cooney has spent the past four years bridging this gap in education by making homes healthier and greener everyday.

The Pono Home team is currently in the works to expand their business. Cooney plans to introduce a zero waste, organic, locally sourced personal care line called Pono Home Essentials. He’s also exploring creating other green-minded companies. In the future, Cooney hopes that his business model can “create an army of like-minded people, where their profit motive is aligned with saving the planet, while living up to the word ‘pono’ everyday, which means, do the right thing.”

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